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The Morning Oats - A Bitter Cruel Substitute

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Thursday, August 11

Make a deal with the devil...

I will make one offer, that if fulfilled properly, will reinstate tagboard. Here are the rules:

1) Horse must take a photo of himself with a handwritten apology and expression of his saddness of the loss of tag and date it on a piece of paper that he will include in said image.

2) Said image is to be delivered to Roger_That and the list of people on the circle jerk email.

3) Said image will be posted at MO.

4) IF all terms and conditions are met properly prior to 5pm EST tomorrow (that is August 12th) Tag Board will go back up without further adieu.

*** Any other tag-posters that feel the urge to include a funny photo of themselves and some sort of handwritten note (that is up to you what it says) will only improve the chance of tag coming back. For all of you who are NOT horse, "Fuck You Smitty" and other such insults are fair game for the sign.

Note to Horse: The only reassurance I can give you that I will reinstate tag if these conditions are met, is my good word. I have never banned a soul here at Tag, and I stand behind my deals. I would sign it in blood, but I'm not sure that would come through. You have the freedom to publicly bash me at cruel if I renig on my side of the deal. You meet the above 4 conditions, and tag goes back up as soon as I see the image.

Satan has spoken.

You do the math...

Public Service Announement:

No, Horse, no one is going to give you the password.

Oh, and can you please remove me from your email circle-jerk?

Thank you, and good day.



He lays the needle in the vein
and he asks the music to come inside
between his throat and forearm
the melody travels softly in the bones
He has closed his eyes
a battle rages in his blood
an army marches through his bowel
the intestines become warm slowly
Nothing is for you
nothing was for you
nothing remains for you
He takes the needle from the vein
the melody travels out of the skin
violins burn with shrieking
harps cut the flesh
he has opened his eyes
but he is not awake
Nothing is for you
nothing was for you
nothing remains for you

Tag-board is gone for awhile, maybe permanently. However, should cruel fade to black temporarily, you can rest assured you will find it alive and well here in the interim.

For those of you who are in the know, don't forget you can always chat at the 'secret tag'.

Go back to cruel, you cunts.

20 points to whomever can name that tune.

** BTW HORSE, this was not FM's idea, it was mine (RT).

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