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The Morning Oats - A Bitter Cruel Substitute

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Saturday, February 26

Oh, Rogers, why hast thou forsaken us???

Today is the 26th of February. Alas, no message board.


Friday, February 25

This is so...Disturbing!

From Web Wasteland...

Pregnant woman gives birth in a kid's rubber play pool on the kitchen floor. Why is it necessary to show (in 100 photos no less) themselves in a private moment giving birth ON THE INTERNET?


You've GOT to see these photos.


SuperSize your Sack

Heh. NSFW.


Rogers Speaks to the masses...

What the...!!!

NSFW. Not safe for anything, really. But you HAVE to see this:


Thursday, February 24

Holy Shit!

This guy takes "collections" to a new extreme.

There are no words. I think I like the keychain collection the best...


Can anyone say OCD?

You too, can express your frustration to Rogers!

Here ya go. A link to Roger's contact page. Make sure you put something snazzy in the subject line!

Drop him a line, I already did. Tell him you are going to kill yourself if the message board doesn't come back soon...or whatever.

Email Rogers!!!

Wednesday, February 23

Plea to Rogers

Rogers, we really want Cruel back! It is sad that I have had to revive the Horse Blog just to have a place to post my frequently asshatted links!

I'm reduced to doing work, and reading Craigslist all day long. I honestly cannot take too much more of this. I'm most surely in hell.

Please, as fnord has said, we've suffered too much!


Post your pleas to Rogers in the comment section, and I'll send him the link. Maybe he'll even read it. HA.

Two heads are better than one...



Yes, I know these are relatively 'old news', but still...

Some Links

I see you people on here, my meter shows you all logged on. SO COMMENT, dammit! I'm bored, and refuse to continue to do work for the second week in a row. Here are some links [that you've probably already seen] for your browsing enjoyment.


Some early morning racism mixed in with a little psychotica:


A new way to remember your dead loved one:


A timewaster for the PC Gaming Nerds:


Poopy Humor and other Foul Stories:


Lazy Town. Watch the video:


Cruel is Died

What is a poor, antisocial Horsey to do with himself, when his favorite Rodeo Arena is out of business for remodeling and repairs?

Ptah has been kind enough to set up a temporary board at Yahoo, if anyone is interested in using it.


Maybe enough people don't know it's there, who knows.

I'll try to post some links here, but you can only asshat me in the comments section, I guess. Better than nothing, eh?

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