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The Morning Oats - A Bitter Cruel Substitute

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Tuesday, November 22

I would just like to Immortalize...

This lovely post by Question:

Even Horse was more or less chased out of Cruel, by a collective wave of karmic hatred directed at Fishkill, NY. Sure, he pops in now and again, but he mostly spends his time on a board that virtually no one else visits, where he has to read, every time he posts, the following:

"**NEWS FLASH** I am a self loathing loser. I HATE myself, and my putrid fat body. I have no friends. I take out my frustrations on a tag board. I think people like me there, because I am delusional. I have tongued my mother's gaping anus, and savored the ooze."

Yet he returns there daily, posting to anyone that might listen to him for a moment. How sad - how....cruel.

Ps: Captain Sir, your ship is sinking! Remember, the Captain always goes down with his ship!!!

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