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Tuesday, December 7

Wordsearch with Horsey

I think this new idea of searching on "Horsey Themes" is rather fun. There are key phrases that Horse uses, verbal fingerprints if you will...that make using the cruel search feature easy. The "My Work Here is Done" entry is a prime example. I have since plugged in tasty word nuggets like "Stay Tuned" and I am proud to share these shining results with you all, my dear readers:


Topic: Jessica OOPS!-no BUTTS
Posted by horseonovich on 2003-11-07; 13:02:37

I will be curious to see what truths turn up, Scottso. Stay tuned.


Topic: Which came first.....
Posted by Horseonovich on 2003-12-01; 14:41:47


Certainly and absolutely the same person: hersexCHoney, Shes20 Vitual_Zone, Wordsgarden ....


ON THE CRUEL.COM SIDE, this person who assumes all the above-mentioned identities is a.k.a.

"name1" and "debbie" alternately ---this is an absolute known. Make no mistakes.

I have been doing some other research as well, and may be able to shed some blockbuster info on

who the "Cruel" Exit2Right really is, too. No flipping, stay tuned for more....


Topic: The bitter aftertaste of college
Posted by horseonovich on 2003-12-10; 19:05:56

Oops! Duplicate Post. Stay Tuned for SHOCKING CONCLUSION:


Topic: Something About Shoving Dick Up Ass
Posted by Horseonovich on 2004-02-19; 12:26:50

Another ostrich buries its head, and with it its tiny brain.

I gotta say, someone could write a textbook on the developmental psychology of Cruellers. This is classic Cruel "adolescence". Now he begins to lash out at everyone. Wait, stay tuned,

there's lots more where this came from, folks!

Yip! Yip! YeeHee!


Topic: US soldier Pencildick --NOT!
Posted by Horseonovich on 2004-02-20; 13:33:04

Not since Darwinism have I so throughly enjoyed smacking someone around like this. Thanks,

buddy! Oh, and there's lots more to come,so stay tuned!


Topic: US soldier Pencildick --NOT!
Posted by Horseonovich on 2004-02-20; 13:53:57

Lechero - I am currently in negotiations with one of our esteemed Cruel members whose name, for now, shall be witheld, about hosting a couple of my pics -- several from the military. They're old, so I don't mind. Stay tuned.


Topic: But I'm sure SCOTTY.
Posted by Horseonovich on 2004-03-25; 13:43:45

Well, stay tuned for Horsey's next topic, coming up after these words from our sponsor....


Posted by Horseonovich on 2004-11-02; 13:10:30

...Stay tuned for MORE up-to-the-minute coverage, folks. We'll be right back ..............


Topic: HORSEBALLS Complete Up2-Minute Coverage
Posted by Horseonovich on 2004-11-02; 13:29:52

Correction, OPSEC. HORSEBALLS is your up to the minute LIVE coverage, running all day and all night. Stay tuned for further updates AS THEY HAPPEN !

Replies are unnecessary. My readership is implicit. Thanks for the love, though.


Stay tuned, indeed.


  • Oh, there is a some choice stuff here I have not gone through, can't wait!

    You got the thing about the thing?

    The last full stop is so true, on mine, no?

    By Blogger FoxieMoxie, at 4:14 PM  

  • Yes, I did get the thing about the thing. Remember, I would never divulge the current size of my breasts to anyone online, ever. That is sacred (you get my drift, aye?). I meant to address that.

    My response to your email is in the next post...the "lie" related post.

    By Blogger Horsie Master, at 4:25 PM  

  • FM -

    In regards to your first paragraph - yeah, I thought that at first, then realized it couldn't be because of the Fox thing. Foxes aren't very common in the layman's world if you know what I mean.

    2nd paragraph - that's cool, it's just curiosity. Can't help but wonder, you know?

    3rd paragraph - good idea. I figured you would.

    last sentence - yeah, I knew that. I wasn't sure I wanted to do that though. Makes it more interesting, no?

    The cow has jumped over the moon, fyi.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:24 AM  

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