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Monday, December 6


This nugget was submitted by an anonymous 'admirer'. Thanks for bringing this tasty tidbit to my attention! Oh, and horse - for the record - I was never JoyFulGurl. It rings a bell though.

Posted by horseonovich on 2003-08-02; 00:39:04 (message 40652; 2678 reads)

JOYFULGIRL! (You dumbshit, I had no intention of OUTING you. You outed yourself....Now I will finish the job)

FOLKS, yes, JOYFULGIRL is one of the "secret trolls." The original one, in fact. She's a sad and kinda homely little girl who lives up in Ottawa, or so she says. Lately we've been having "words" because she did not like that I was not being her "hero" anymore. She loved how I dis'd all you guys, and she hates some of you.

She failed to understand how I was having fun here, and it seemed to infuriate her when I did not get mad at you guys, or feel angry after you took me to task, etc. She could not understand that.

She really hates Ptah and Smitty, b t w, but she has a BIG FAT crush on Deanie. I think she MAY want to blow him. She always used the little "happy tongue" face whenever we discussed him on MSM.

OH YES... and if anyone actually gives a rats ass, I have all sorts of saved transcripts of our online MSM chats, and emails, EVEN a few unflattering webcam photos. What fun!

Her name is Melodie (or so she says) She has been trolling around for a long time. Except for a seeming encyclopedic memory with regards to the website (because it's all she does all day, every day) she is a little thick and slow. Again, IF ANYONE really gives a flying fuck about our little waste-product of a histrionic woman-child, and would like further details, shit, just ask. Got the whole can of beans on this little neurotic troll. ALTHOUGH I DO OWE HER a debt of thanks. Were it not for her, I would not have found you all, my cruel brethren. And when she turned on me, little cunt that she is, I felt it would be in my best interests to reveal all.

WARNING -- She is very hateful towards me now, and will be saying things that are not true, and some that ARE true. Let me be the one to clarify matters. For one thing, I AM FUCKPUPPET. She knew that, and it's about the only thing she has on me. I freely admit that to you now. It was fun while it lasted. However, having said that, I will also say that I am NOT S.Joe. That hunch she is dead wrong about. I do not know the guy. I think he is cool, over on DR, but he is not one of my many characters. I've pretty much stopped that shit.

ANYWAY ... she thought she would be slick posting on a Friday night, thinking it would get buried. She was wrong. I will repost this if it does not reach enough of you. AFTER ALL, none of you believed I had a little troll ! There are others, too. Let this be a warning to them to be NICE to me, or I will out them!



  • I have seen this, and even quoted extensively from it. If JoyFulGirl referred this to you, please please PLEASE have him/her/it contact me. She'd make a great GH interview.

    Come to think of it I could interview you too. Would love to hear your memories about being Matt Drudge.

    By Blogger FoxieMoxie, at 12:21 PM  

  • No, it didn't come from Joyfulgirl. Although now, I will have to go back to drudge and see if I can find some of her stuff.

    Sure, feel free to drop me some questions about my days as Matt Drudge. Those were fun times, fun times.

    I would email you, but that's a no-go from work. In the evening, that's a different story.

    By Blogger Horsie Master, at 12:29 PM  

  • Oh - Horse -

    If the offer is still up for the chat logs between you and Joyfulgirl (maybe some of her photos too?) I'd love to post those on the blog. It would be fun to get a gander at this cuntbag.


    By Blogger Horsie Master, at 12:31 PM  

  • OK here are the questions. We can post the interview on both blogs.

    What was it about Horse that made you take the guise of Matt Drudge on Drudge Retort?

    When he seemed to take the bait (hay?) you were obviously pleased. How did you feel when he found out the truth?

    In the middle of the Horse furor, you left the Cruel board. Why? What prompted your welcomed return?

    Please decribe with honesty your feelings for Horse today.

    By Blogger FoxieMoxie, at 12:46 PM  

  • Can you do me 2 favors so I can gather my thoughts?

    1) Who came about first at Drudge - Chaiyah or Horse? I can't remember. I think it was Chaiyah

    2) Do you have a link to the first "Matt Drudge" and/or "Horse" post at drudge? Trying to recall my reasoning for the Matt posts...other than the usual workday boredom.

    By Blogger Horsie Master, at 12:52 PM  

  • This is Horse's first post.

    You were Matt with Chaiyah first, I think, So if you don't mind, please revise the first question to reflect that.

    By Blogger FoxieMoxie, at 12:57 PM  

  • Folks,

    Chaiyah was around before moi.

    Anyone who wants the full spread, including pics (I hope!) and perhaps even an e-mail addy on Melodie/JG, send me a post at "McNuggets" --- I will see what I can find. I may have the transcripts on disk though, cuz I moved, and it may take some digging.


    By Blogger Horseonovich, at 1:09 PM  

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