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Friday, December 3

Horsetecore, Montonovich, MonteHorse...

Feast your eyes on the following interchange copied and pasted from a series of emails between your humble correspondent and Mr Ed himself (note I have supressed Horse's email address - I know some of you have it, but I'm not THAT mean:

Gray: "I have no idea if you and monty are the same or not, I just know it seems to irritate him (or you)."

H: "We talked about this before and I have gone public about my other identities, but you know that I had a reason for doing that at the time. I am in email contact with montecore, just like I sometimes email you, or eggs, or ops. We're not buddies or anything, and I have never met him, but I assure you he is not me. I think you need to move on from your my little pony schtick."

Gray: "Well, the big slip-up was when you both started referring to tigerlily as "Lil" - you weren't too keen on me pointing that out, were you? I really don't know why you and NYJ and maybe a bunch of others feel this need to go in disguise."

H: "OK, kudos for that. I have been using the montecore identity to let me discuss issues without all the tards jumping in and disagreeing with me just because it's lil' ol' horsey. But keep it to yourself, will you cobber? I'm just having a bit of fun with it. And thanks again for the tip on the shiraz, it's bonzer, mate."

And that's it, cruel fans, the fat lady herself has sung. I'm breaking no promises because I never made any. Rest assured, your secret is NOT safe with me.

courtesy of Gray


  • I wonder what the followup to these accusations was? Did you ever find out if it was true?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:39 PM  

  • Yes, I'm pretty sure it's all true. I think Horse tried to refute it all, but it didn't work.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:21 PM  

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