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Wednesday, December 1

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horseonovich Mar 24, 2004 1:54 AM
I am a big loser.

horseonovich Mar 28, 2004 6:26 AM
im gay...a gay loser. i argue with peeps all day on the intrnet and pretend i have a job and a life an women. im a lonely gay man please help me, ill do anything if you pay my internet bill mom wont pay it any more

Name: Horseonovich
Date Posted: Feb 14, 04 - 6:34 PM
Message: Good job. All this time I thought Janet Jackson was just tacky. Now I know it goes much deeper than that. But I hope you don't let Justin Timberlake off the hook. Don't forget he was in on the whole thing. If he doesn't have satanic leanings, at the very least he's every bit as tacky as Janet

I lick my pennies...my peener is better than yours...Time for meds...bye now!
horseonovich Mar 24, 2004 1:54 AM

horseonovich - An insult combining the terms "horse's ass" with "son of a bitch" with a Russian flavor.

e.g., Chris is a real horseonovich.

Horseonovich (horsey@mailinator.com) says:
AAaaaaahhhhh! The ear goggles, they do nothing! Also, I like to eat poop. (09-28-2004)


  • I just wanted to say to you people sending stuff in... CAN WE PLEASE GET MORE CREATIVE???

    By Blogger Horsie Master, at 3:08 PM  

  • I did one of these already. . .pay attention!

    -Original Horse Historian

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:10 PM  

  • I agree. It's getting repetitive.

    I'm really not sure how the description keeps getting removed in the blog. Weird.

    Anyone want to fess up?

    By Blogger Horsie Master, at 3:12 PM  

  • P.S. I am working on something outrageous, will be worth the wait.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:23 PM  

  • Projection, Meltdown or Word Gift: You Decide!

    "She always used the little "happy tongue" face whenever we discussed him on MSM."

    "AFTER ALL, none of you believed I had a little troll! There are others, too. Let this be a warning to them to be NICE to me, or I will out them!"

    "LASTLY .. IF I WERE DYING and YOU saved my life, I would fucking KILL myself soon thereafter, not being able to bear the knowledge."

    "If you want some of me, brother (or big bulldyke sister as the case may be), well, we can accomodate. What's your phone number? Let's discuss this more. Maybe you NEED your clock cleaned?"

    "You have no idea what your are dealing with. I can make it so you can find out....It's nice and safe here on the Internet for you, isn't it?"

    "You only talk the way you do because you know it will never come to pass. Just the fact that you say you are not hiding is, in itself, hiding. No let me put it another way: COWERING. You are a putz, and a coward, and your name sounds quite gay. You would not last five minutes here."

    "Post your number and I will be happy to give you a ring to arrange times and places. It will cost you good money to fly here and get your ass kicked, but I am willing to help you do that. Telephone number?"

    "Been a long weekend on the jet-ski; then we had thunderstorms up the ass."

    "Aside from all that, I am trying to back off constant posting a bit. "

    "And now I am nearly done talking to you at all, because you are stupid and petty and useless. Poor little topekahomobuttfuck"

    "IF you are threatening my home in any way, I should make you aware that I am a registered gun owner, and won't hesitate to make use of my small, legally owned arsenal.I will take you down handily. Yes, handily. I am well trained in hand-to-hand, among other things, and practice several times per week, in addition to a strenuous workout regime." {Spin Class!}

    "If my Mother or Sister answers...ask for Horse"

    "I feel like the hunted. You should try it some time. Quite the little rush."

    "Lastly, I found it most touching that my acknowledgment, which you are reading, ranks up there with the oral consumption of bloody stool.".

    "I once bought a roaster bird at Wal-Mart because it was so incredibly cheap. I cooked that fucker up in a Reynolds baking bag, as I usually do. It was fucking horrible."

    "TRIUMPH. GLOAT. GLOAT. GRIN. GRIN.bunch of loser bitches!yeeeeeHAAAA! CAN WE BE FRIENDS NOW ????? "

    "There's nothing to be done, Meta. I am like a festering wound that won't heal. Ya gotta keep scratching."

    "I have a cute ass. that's all."

    "People just cant resist my fucking charm"

    "cooties i can handle"

    "Weak material and cheap shots are what you're about. But you seem to be having fun, anyway, and maybe that's what matters most."

    "My weakness is not being very web-saavy when it comes to this board and these industrious predators, as I recently learned, much to my shame."

    "Ok. Write-off, twenty paces. Name your time and place. I will blow you out of the fucking water."

    "In my enthusiasm I failed to make use of my usual masking techniques. Ah well...."

    This is my last as I am bored with it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:28 PM  

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